Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Told Us How She & Harry Plan To Spend Their Prize Money

Moving in together isn't out of the question 👀

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Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Told Us How She & Harry Plan To Spend Their Prize Money

Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson won $45,000 each in the third season of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle and now they're ready to spend it.

Raymond recently spoke to us about how she and Harry plan to use their combined $90,000, after opening up about their up-and-down relationship following the show.

Raymond admitted that it was hard to keep her victory a secret, and she also had to wait on spending the money until after the show came out.

"I'm so thankful the year is done now, and we can actually go out and express that we've been on this amazing show!" Raymond told us.

She said it's been a big relief to be able to talk openly about the show, especially after keeping it to herself during a COVID lockdown-filled 2021.

"That was amazing, I was so happy," she said of sharing the results with her friends.

"Honestly, we could not express when we won that money, and that was horrible because we've had to keep it secret for a year. But now we've got the funds and we can do something with that money."

For Raymond and Johnson, they immediately wanted to spend the money on their loved ones.

"Our first choice was to treat our family," said Raymond.

However, they're also hoping to use some of the cash to spend more time together.

"When we come back from the retreat, we didn't get to celebrate properly because of COVID. So we're definitely gonna celebrate," she said. "A holiday is definitely in the cards at the moment [...] and then obviously, after the holiday, we'll see where things go."

Raymond says she and Harry are also talking about possible long-term plans, such as moving and spending more time together. They both live in the U.K., but Raymond says they're five hours away from each other and that makes things hard.

"I think just take baby steps, maybe and just see what happens for the both of us," she said. Raymond also spoke about the idea of moving in with Harry, although nothing is set in stone at this point.

"You can only say 'never say never,' so we're just gonna see what happens and hope for the best," she said.

As for career changes, things are looking up for Raymond. She went into the show as a legal secretary, but now she's enjoying her social media fame and the life of a reality TV star.

"I've signed with a brilliant management, and I'm open to all avenues. I'm never gonna turn anything down."

She added that she has no firm plan right now, but she's excited to "see what the future can hold."

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