Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Opened Up About Whether She & Harry Are Still Together

Things got complicated after the show ended!

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Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Opened Up About Whether She & Harry Are Still Together

In the finale of season three of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson walked out of the retreat with the total package: $90,000 in cash, a new relationship and experiences they'll never forget.

But when the lights and cameras were no longer around, things got a little more complicated for the show's winning couple.

After sleeping in the same bed from day one on the show, Raymond and Johnson had to adjust to not only living in separate houses but having a life outside of the retreat. Suddenly, they were trying to keep up a long-distance relationship instead of dating in what another contestant called the "petri dish" of the show.

Narcity recently caught up with Raymond, who spoke about her relationship with Johnson and what life has been like since the series dropped on Netflix.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Beaux Opens Up About The Show & Dating

"The retreat has changed me massively. I walked out with a boyfriend, and [...] I enjoyed it so much," said Raymond.

She added that her biggest takeaway was finding a relationship with someone she can trust, and she said she found Johnson to be very genuine from the start.

"I let my guard down so much, and it was very quick as well, for me to do that," said the U.K. native. "I've been treated not very nicely in the past, and it takes me quite a long time to trust someone, so I've trusted him, and it turned out very well."

Johnson initially had his eye set on Aussie co-star Georgia Hassarati, but after Hassarati threw him into the friend zone, Johnson ended up realizing that his perfect match was right under his nose — or shall we say sheets? — the whole time.

"Harry, you can tell he's so confident and bubbly, and he was really approachable," Raymond said. "You really see our journey from being nothing and then creating something so amazing."

She added that she really enjoyed watching the relationship develop on-screen afterward, once the show had aired.

"It was so nice to be able to watch that from my eyes and then with all my friends and family, and they were crying and things like that. It's so cute that you can actually see the relationship."

Though their chemistry on camera was evident, once the show ended, Raymond and Johnson had to face the reality of living separately and learning to juggle that with their relationship.

Eventually, it became too much and the pair broke up, Raymond said.

"I've never personally done long distance, so I think I was a bit scared when I'd come out of the retreat. I went from being with him every single day and then all of a sudden to nothing, and we were both dreading it," she said.

She added that COVID-19 restrictions made things tough, and it didn't help that the U.K. had lockdowns after filming ended.

"It was quite tricky, so we actually, unfortunately, split up. But we had been seeing each other a little bit," said Raymond.

"We always spoke, we always talked — every single day — we've always been close, so we never left it spiteful," she said.

And even though they broke up, it sounds like there's still a chance that they'll figure it out in the long run.

"We've rekindled the last few weeks, and it's been really, really good," Raymond said.

"Things are on the upside for us. We've got no COVID now and maybe, planning to go on holiday and things like that. So things are definitely looking up."

She said that if things go well, one of them might move to be closer to the other.

"If we do try again, which I think we are, we are going to obviously cope with the distance stuff, and I've got a feeling he might move a little bit nearer to me anyway," she said.

Raymond added that it helps to have so many people cheering her on on Instagram and encouraging her to make it work with her boo.

"I really do appreciate everything at the moment, supporting me and Harry on this journey," she said.

"And then hopefully, you'll get to see more."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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