'Too Hot To Handle' Star Beaux Revealed The Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Cameras Missed

Beaux & Harry had a real moment!

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'Too Hot To Handle' Star Beaux Revealed The Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Cameras Missed
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After spending an entire month together, the cast of Season 3 of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle had plenty of stories to tell, although not all of them made it to the screen.

During a chat with Narcity, not only did Beaux Raymond share insider details of her relationship with Harry, but she also spoke of the dynamic with the rest of the cast members and how much they all really get along when the cameras are off.

She added that one of her best moments with her co-winner, Harry Johnson, didn't make it into the show, although she hopes it comes out at some point.

"I actually created a date scene for him. I laid blankets out and pillows under the stars, and that was as soon as I was trying to let my guard down a little bit," said Raymond.

She added that it was an important moment in their relationship because that's when she realized she had feelings for him.

"I definitely thought to myself, 'Well, I must like him now if I'm doing things like this for him. But unfortunately, they didn't show that. So I'm hoping that a clip does come out sooner or later to show everyone."

As for the relationship with the rest of the group, Raymond says it's all love.

"We're one big family. We always talk. We have a big group chat, and there are a lot of us in the U.K. at the moment, so we've been meeting up, and it's been really, really lovely to see everyone," said Raymond.

The cast did reunite in London recently for the Netflix press tour, and others have shared photos of that get-together online.

"We all keep in touch like every other day, so it's really nice. There's no animosity between anyone," she said.

Raymond added that she's developed a real bond with Izzy Fairthorne, whom she clicked with from the very beginning.

"She's literally like my best friend now, and as soon as I walked in, I knew that we were gonna get along from the get-go," said Raymond.

"She doesn't leave my side," she said, before adding that she had to kick her out of the room before her chat with Narcity.

While some reality shows are known for conflict between their stars, Raymond says she appreciated the vibe on the set of Too Hot To Handle, and she thinks that positivity is a good thing to carry forward.

"When you look at past TV shows, you always see an argument or fight or something really volatile, and I think over the past two years, you see live TV shows and you hardly see an argument.

"I'm just thankful that obviously we got along so well and hopefully it sticks for everyone else in the future."

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