This Toronto 'Party Girl' Is On Season 2 Of 'Too Hot To Handle' & Here's What We Know

She lives a pretty hot life in the 6ix.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cast Features Toronto's Carly Lawrence
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Season 2 of Netflix's steamy reality show Too Hot To Handle will finally be available to watch on June 23, and one of the contestants is actually from Toronto.

Carly Lawrence is one of the 10 singles competing for the $100,000 prize, and here's what we know about the 24-year-old model so far.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

She's hung out at so many Toronto bars

According to Lawrence's Too Hot To Handle bio, she's a " fun-loving party girl", and her hangout spots prove just that. Instagram photos and videos show the star at popular Toronto bars including Petty Cash, Bar Karma, and Escobar, as well as restaurants like Laissez Faire and The Parlour .

She modeled for Hayley Elsaesser

Lawrence has sported an outfit for the iconic Toronto fashion label Hayley Elsaesser, and she totally rocked the look. An Instagram photo shows her dressed in a bright red shirt with matching hair clips for a little extra nostalgia.

She loves a good health bar

Who doesn't love a good smoothie, especially when it comes with a boozy twist? An Instagram video shows Lawrence relaxing at the Pop Health Bar while sipping a Popa-colada smoothie with organic vodka.

She gets her hair and lashes done right here in Toronto

Being a model and television star, Lawrence knows her stuff when it comes to beauty, and she has had her hair and lashes done right here in the 6ix. She's credited HAIRGOD and LASHGOD in her Instagram selfies.

She was a competitive dancer

Lawrence's Too Hot To Handle bio reveals that she used to be a competitive dancer, but it also states that she has "no interest in finding her perfect partner." Sounds like this season is going to be full of drama!

Madeline Forsyth
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