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Carly Lawrence From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Is Dating Someone From The Show & Here's The Scoop

"We dated and then we broke up because I'm crazy, and now we're rekindling things."

Toronto Senior Staff Writer

If you're all caught up on the latest season of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, you might be wondering which couples are still going strong off-screen.

Contestant Carly Lawrence, a model from Toronto, first fell for Chase DeMoor during the show (how could we forget the iconic head-bump kiss?), but after they broke up, she began a relationship with newcomer Joey Joy.

Joy showed up in episode 6, and right away Carly noticed that he was "really cute." The two wasted little time in getting cozy, and even shared a forbidden kiss.

So what is Lawrence's dating life looking like now? She gave Narcity the inside scoop.

Here's who Lawrence is seeing now

"I am seeing someone from the show," Lawrence confirms. "It's Joey. So the guy that I ended up being with at the end of the week, we actually dated for a little bit right after the show. We dated and then we broke up because I'm crazy, and now we're rekindling things, we'll see how it goes."

"I'm actually going to see him in about two weeks. So I'm going to go visit him, and then we're going to go together to LA. I want him to come to Toronto, I don't know if you can come to Toronto right now," she added, referring to the border closures.

Are Carly and Joey From 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Dating?Tom Dymond | Netflix

If Joey does make it to Toronto, Lawrence has some ideas of where she'd like to bring him. "I probably would take [him] to maybe The Chase, oh that's so funny I'm talking about Chase," she laughs, as Chase was the name of the first contestant she dated on the show. "The Chase is nice, Harbour 60's nice, like a steakhouse, and then maybe go down to the water."

"I'm a really big homebody," she admits. "It's funny because I'm such an introvert-extrovert, when I'm in Toronto I love being in my apartment."

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