‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Carly Lawrence Reveals What She’s Making On OnlyFans

"I thought I was gonna get a lot of hate," says the Toronto model.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Carly Lawrence Reveals What She’s Making On OnlyFans
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Starring in a reality TV show pays off in more ways than one, it seems. Carly Lawrence from season 2 of Netflix's Too Hot To Handlehas been gaining popularity since the show hit the screens and has now started an OnlyFans account that she says is taking off.

The 24-year-old model from Toronto was one of several contestants competing for the $100,000 prize fund on the wild reality show that follows a group of hot, eligible singles as they try not to get sexual with each other (and fail). Lawrence recently opened up about behind-the-scenes drama, being on camera 24/7, and also chatted with Narcity about her OnlyFans.

In case you've been living under a rock somewhere, OnlyFans is a social media platform where people can view private photos and videos but for a price. And it comes as no surprise that Lawrence, who got used to cameras documenting her every move while on the show (even in the bathroom), isn't afraid to share a racy lingerie pic or two.

Here's what Lawrence had to say about her OnlyFans account, from how much she makes to what people can expect to find on there.

When did you decide to start an OnlyFans account?

"So I started my OnyFans account right when I got back from the show. Actually no, once I got management I started it but I didn't start really focusing on it until like two weeks ago," Lawrence explains.

How much money have you made from your OnlyFans so far?

"I don't check the bank statement just because my managers run it, but honestly, not that much. I think maybe $10,000 or something like that in a week, which is pretty good," she admits.

"But some girls make a million overnight. I've seen those videos where it's like they start OnlyFans at a million, but also, if I'm being honest, I haven't really posted about it, I haven't been advertising it, so I'm hoping it will get more."

What can people find on there?

"Honestly I don't post nudes, only because I do want to do something in the future and I don't know if it's really like the best look. No judgement on any girl who does it," Lawrence emphasizes. "To each their own, or any guy that does it, for me personally it's just bikini pics a lot or lingerie. I'm going to go live though, I'm going to do live videos and live chats. It'll still be really good, it just won't be that super porn, sexual stuff."

How many followers have you gained since the show was released?

"Oh my gosh," Lawrence says. "For OnlyFans, I'm at 1,000 now and I had probably about 60 fans, so, a ton. And then with my Instagram I went from 4,000 to, I think I'm at over 210K now. My phone is just going bananas."

What sort of messages do you receive?

"I thought I was gonna get a lot of hate, [...] I just thought there'd be a lot of online trolls," Lawrence confesses. "But you know what, [there are] so many nice people in the world. My DMs are flooded with such nice, kind messages, my tweets are nice. Of course there's the odd person that's rude. A lot of girls ask me for guy advice, which I love because I want to do a whole video or podcasts on it."

Madeline Forsyth
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