Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Says Her Instagram Exploded Just Days After The Show Aired

Talk about overnight fame!

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Beaux From 'Too Hot To Handle' Says Her Instagram Exploded Just Days After The Show Aired

When the third season of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle dropped, winner Beaux Raymond's Instagram absolutely blew up.

The U.K. reality star opened up to Narcity about how her life has changed since the show was released, and one of the biggest differences — aside from the prize money — was how her Instagram took off.

What is Too Hot To Handle about?

Too Hot To Handle is a popular reality dating show on Netflix that sends a group of singles who typically struggle to form lasting relationships to an island where they have a chance at winning a monetary prize — assuming they can refrain from any form of sexual contact with one another, that is.

When was Too Hot To Handle Season 3 released?

The third season of Too Hot To Handle was released on Netflix on January 19, 2022.

"It's been so overwhelming. It's been crazy. I cannot believe the amount of support I've gotten," said season three's Raymond.

The former legal secretary says most of her followers used to be friends and family, but since the show aired she's gone from 1,000 followers to more than 450,000.

"I've never really been this big person. Quite a lot of the cast, they already had a following and stuff. It's just mind-blowing, and I literally can't thank everyone enough for the whole support it's been," added Raymond.

Raymond's Instagram account has been filled up in recent days with cast reunions, press appearances and dates with Harry Johnson, her co-winner and boyfriend from the show.

Raymond also spoke to us about how she ended up on the show, and she admitted that she didn't even know the series' title until filming started.

She said the application process involved tons of dancing and having fun on camera.

"I have never applied for a TV show before so it was all new to me," she said.

Raymond added that she thought she was apply for something else called Pleasure Island.

"It was about cruising around and we got with hot, sexy single people," she said. "So I thought you know what, I'm gonna go for it. I've got nothing to lose."

She says she only realized what show she was on when Lana, Too Hot To Handle's virtual assistant, made an appearance.

Raymond also shared some advice for anyone looking to apply to a similar show.

"All I can say is to people, if you apply for something, just be so genuine, just be you. They will love you for who you are anyway, and honestly expect the unexpected," she said.

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