10 Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money At Canada's Wonderland In 2023

Get the best out of the 2023 season!

People at Canada's Wonderland. Right:  Canada's Wonderland roller coaster.

People at Canada's Wonderland. Right: Canada's Wonderland roller coaster.

Canada's Wonderland is gearing up for the 2023 season, and here is how you can save your time and money.

Canada's Wonderland is home to some of Canada's most thrill-inducing roller coasters and mouth-watering carnival food, but a day trip can easily cost hundreds of dollars if you're not careful.

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize costs and even cut back on your wait time in lineups for Canada's Wonderland rides through the use of some apps, extra purchases, and some general information that's just good to know.

Narcity chatted with Canada's Wonderland Director of Communications, Grace Peacock and scoured online for some of the best hacks and tips to help you save money and time during your next trip to Canada's Wonderland.

Use Canada Wonderland's app 

You can use Canada's Wonderland app to check out the wait time at rides and plan your day accordingly that way, you can save time and hit up the quickest line first.

"Download the app and use it, even though it’s less than stellar. It’ll give you somewhat reliable wait times when in the park, you can plan your route, purchase your passes (I think you can even apply promo codes) etc.," said a Reddit user in the r/CanadasWonderland subreddit.

Go later in the day

If you don't mind going to the park after 4 p.m., you can save some serious dough on a ticket, according to Peacock.

"Evenings at the park are a whole vibe, with night rides and amazing light displays on International Street during the summer. This discounted ticket is a great option for guests who only plan to visit for a few hours in the evening."

The evening saver ticket is $39.99 online, but make sure you buy online cause it could be up to $40 more at the gate, according to Canada's Wonderland.

Bring a sling backpack or wear cargo shorts

Having to leave your phone and bag in cubbies for every ride can be unnerving, but this Reddit user in the r/CanadasWonderland subreddit has a hack to fix that.

"I recommend bringing a sling (zipper, no big clip at back) backpack and powerbank for your phone. Personally, I don’t (nor do I think it’s reasonable to expect) trust teens getting paid minimum wage to watch my identity and $1000+ phone in one of those box-lockers at the exit. Either that or cargo shorts."

Eat outside of the park

Food inside of the park can get pretty pricey, but did you know you can actually eat outside of the park and re-enter afterwards?

A Reddit user who says they used to be an employee at the park says food is "SUPER overpriced," so they recommend leaving the park, eating outside and coming back in.

So on your next visit, you may want to pack a cooler of food and drinks in your car, or if you took transit walk a bit further and hit up a nearby restaurant before re-entering the park.

Buy a season pass if you plan on going more than twice

If you plan on going to Canada's Wonderland a couple of times this 2023 season, it may be worth your money to invest in a Canada's Wonderland season pass, according to Peacock.

"The regular Season Pass pays for itself in less than two visits, gets you unlimited visits to the park, including Splash Works, all our summer events and live entertainment, plus you get discounts on food, shopping, bring-a-friend tickets, early ride times on select dates and more," said Peacock.

The regular season pass starts at $89, but you can upgrade to the gold pass for $125, which has the same perks with unlimited access to the Haunt and Winterfest.

The platinum pass has all that and more, with free parking and unlimited access to the Cedar Fair Parks for $280.

Although according to Peacock, no matter which passes you get, you should buy yours before Victoria Day long weekend because prices will increase after that

Plus, if one of your friends has a season pass, you could be in luck.

Peacock says pass holders can use their Bring-a-Friend discounts and purchase up to 6 tickets for one visit.

Take the TTC and avoid parking fees

Instead of driving to Wonderland and being stuck paying for expensive parking, which starts at $25 online, you can save money and take the TTC.

You can take TTC's Line 1 to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station, and from there, you can take the 20 Jane St., North bus at the SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal near the subway station all the way to the eastern border of Canada's Wonderland and exit at the Avro Road/Jane Street stop, according to Canada's Wonderland.

Get a fast pass to avoid lines

If you're someone who hates waiting in lines, you can opt for a shorter line by buying a Fast Lane pass on top of your admission ticket to save time, according to Peacock.

"We have a Fast Lane and a Fast Lane Plus pass which gets you a special wristband and access to a shorter line on our most popular rides," says Peacock.

A Fast Lane pass starts at $75 and lets you skip the regular line for 21 popular rides with the expectation of some of the bigger rides. But if you're looking to ride the Yukon Striker, Leviathan, or Behemoth, you may want to upgrade to the Fast Lane Plus for $85.

Although if you don't want to spend the extra money, some rides do have single-rider lines, which tend to go faster, according to Peacock.

Go on rainy days & before school is out 

If there's a light sprinkle of rain, you may want to head to Canada's Wonderland.

"Most of our rides will continue to operate in light rain, so if you dress appropriately and don’t mind getting a little wet, you could find yourself in a very short lineup for your favourite attractions," said Peacock.

Although if there is a threat of lightning, rides will close down, so make sure you choose your rainy days carefully.

But if you don't feel like risking it in the rain, you can also visit in the off-season to avoid crowds.

Peacock says sunny summer weekends are usually busy, so if you can be flexible with your schedule, she recommends coming in "May or June before schools let out."

She also suggests coming very early or staying closer to closing time.

Buy your tickets online

Don't waste your money at the gate.

Peacock told Narcity that customers should always buy their tickets online.

"There are major discounts on all our online products, including tickets and Season Passes. Prices are higher if you purchase in person at front gate," said Peacock.

You can buy your ticket online and save up to $30 by buying a single-day saver ticket for $49.99, according to Canada's Wonderland.

Lineup 30 minutes before the park opens

Peacock says even though attractions don't open until 10 a.m., guests can come into the park at International Street at 9:30 a.m., and where you wait could save you time.

"There is a ‘rope drop’ to our various areas at 10 a.m., and the one to Medieval Faire and Leviathan is typically the most popular. Consider heading to a less busy area of the park first, like Action Zone with Behemoth or Frontier Canada with Yukon Striker and the new Tundra Twister."

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.