6 Homes In Ontario That Are Under $150K If You're Tired Of Massive Rent Prices In Toronto

Is it time to pack your bags?

6 Homes In Ontario That Are Under $150K If You're Tired Of Massive Rent Prices In Toronto

Finding homes in Ontario for under $150K may seem difficult, but it's not impossible.

In fact, there are plenty of good starter homes if you know where to look and are wanting to leave your pricey rent prices behind.

Yet, if you're looking for a mortgage that won't break your wallet, you might want to prepare to leave the 6ix and head somewhere a bit more remote.

Kingsville Starter Home

Nathan Sellon | RE/MAX

Price: $149,900

Address: 1300 Graham Sideroad, Kingsville, ON

Description: A fantastic starter home that is located on the edge of Lake Erie and wine country.

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Greater Sudbury Home

Carlie St. Amant | RE/MAX

Price: $149,000

Address: 424 Bessie Ave., Greater Sudbury, ON

Description: An ideal home for a young couple looking to buy their first house in a cozy neighbourhood.

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Large Home In Marathon

Rikki-Lee Leger | RE/MAX

Price: $60,000

Address: 87 Yawkey Ave., Marathon, ON

Description: A slight fixer-upper that offers an unbeatable price especially for its size and beachside location.

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Renovated And Bright Home

Rikki-Lee Leger | RE/MAX

Price: $109,000

Address: 77 Yawkey Ave., Marathon, ON,

Description: An upscale version of the previous home, which is fitting since it's located in the same neighbourhood.

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Yellow Fixer-Upper 

Wendy Krystia | RE/MAX

Price: $84,900

Address: 213 Quebec St., Schreiber, ON

Description: A quaint four-bedroom home, located two hours outside of Thunder Bay, that offers a warm and rustic interior.

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Large Thunder Bay Home 

Bunker Hill | RE/MAX

Price: $99,900

Address: 128 Cumming St., Thunder Bay, ON,

Description: A unique-looking four-bedroom home that offers plenty of space but needs a little love.

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