Whether your car is too small, you only have a bicycle, or you feel a little self-conscious carrying an 11-foot tree on the TTC, trying to get a Christmas tree from a farm to your house can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, these Toronto Christmas tree delivery services can make things a whole lot easier.

There are plenty of companies who will drop a fresh or faux fir tree right outside your front door or right inside your living room.

Within days, you could have your Christmas tree set up and be admiring it with a hot cup of cocoa, all without having left your apartment! 

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Sheridan Nurseries

Sheridan Nurseries has both fresh-cut and artificial trees for sale, with live options ranging from tiny potted trees to 9-foot Fraser Firs.

And they have an in-home set up service available, too.


The Real Tree Christmas Tree Co.

The name doesn't lie, folks — there are no faux fir trees for sale here. The company has firs between 6 feet and 9 feet tall, and they also sell stands and firewood with their trees.

Their delivery fee is $10 for every five kilometres they have to travel from their location on Danforth Ave., so maybe consult Google Maps before your choice.



Why not pick up a Christmas tree while you're shopping for your Christmas dinner ingredients?

Alongside their grocery delivery options, Inabuggy.com also has Christmas tree-lite items like garlands and birch poles to really round out the forest aesthetic in your front room.


Davenport Garden Centre

Davenport Garden Centre's premium firs are grown on small, family-owned farms in Quebec and hand-sheared to give them the perfect conical shape.

They also sell Christmas decorations, like these adorable birch reindeer which are cute enough to be legally considered a pet (no, not really).


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire has got more fake trees than you could shake a fake stick at. Whether you want them pre-lit, pre-potted, or pre-snow dusted, there's a deliverable option for you.



Sweetpea's trees are a family affair, as they were grown on a farm in Ontario that's been looked after by four generations of the Sloan family.

The company can deliver their trees to houses but unfortunately not to condos or apartments.


EZ Tree Christmas Delivery

Not only does EZ Tree give you size options but it also gives you density options, so you have more control over the tree you pick.

They offer stands and a floor protection mat with their trees, and they'll also pick your tree back up for you and dispose of it for a $40 fee.