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8 Canadian Towns Where You Could Get Land For Free

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8 Canadian Towns Where You Could Get Land For Free

In recent years, it has been a common trend among some small towns in Canada to give away lots of land for free or at relatively cheap cost.

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The whole idea behind the tactic is to help the diminishing towns get back on a track of growth - anyone is granted land for free as long as they are willing to show up and tend to it (with a few extra conditions, of course).

The strategy isn't anything new - the federal government actually executed a similar plan in the pre-1930s. It worked then, and it appears to still be working now. Just a few years after these ghost towns were put up for sale, they started to rapidly increase in population.

"Free" is a word that should be taken loosely in this context because as we all know, nothing is ever truly free. However, all the conditions that put forth by each town are reasonable and the deals themselves are practically steals.

Although there are no current updates on these locations, these 9 Canadian towns may still be giving away land for free or for cheap:

Mundare, Alberta

The town council of Mundare decided to sell commercial lots in its downtown area for a loonie each. This was intended to encourage individuals to set up their businesses in the town. The only requirement was that the business owners would need to start construction within a year of the purchase date. So far, a children's daycare and a real estate office have been established.

Pipestone, Manitoba

Plots of land in Pipestone averaged a sale price of $10 each. Within the past 5 years, the municipality was able to sell 24 lots within its four main towns. The conditions for these sales include construction of a home within a year and a $1000 down payment (with $990 refunded after the home is completed). Other incentives include $6K for building a new home, $4K for buying an already existing home, and $32K for starting a business.

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Scarth, Manitoba

Scarthwas once a thriving rural town within the Pipestone area, but it is now a ghost town that is looking to sell lots for $10 each. The council is only putting up a dozen lots for sale to gauge the demand. If the public shows interest, they will continue subdividing the area.

South Knowlesville, New Brunswick

South Knowlesville barely existed until it started giving away lots of land for free six years ago. After giving away five lots, the town now has a population of 25 people, and is looking to give away another 8. The one condition for the sale is that the buyers commit to revitalizing their plots.

Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec

Saint-Louis-deBlandford is a town near Quebec city that has subdivided its area into 40 lots. Since 2013, they have been giving lots away to anyone who will commit to developing the land. The only conditions include a $1,000 down payment that will be refunded after the buyer has successfully built a house worth at least $125,000.

Craik, Saskatchewan

The town of Craik attempted to reverse its demise by selling vacant lots for $1. Anybody interested would have to submit an application that discloses their plans to create an eco-friendly home. The town is now currently experiencing a rise in population.

Cupar, Saskatchewan

Cuparhas been offering $1 lots to the public since the early 90s, and there may still be some lots available for purchase. Free municipal taxes and water for a year would be included with the sale.

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Crown Lands, Yukon

Some vacant land is still availalble in the northern Crown Lands. The government is open to giving the land away to individuals who will commit to farming it. The one tricky requirement is that you'd need to have been a resident of the Yukon for at least one year. If you meet this condition, you are free to fill out an agricultural land application.

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