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A Former Peel Police Officer Was Just Charged With Shooting A Woman On Mother's Day

Valerie Briffa will appear in court on Aug. 4 after an SIU investigation.

After a Mother's Day shooting left 34-year-old Chantelle Krupka in critical condition, a former Peel Police officer is now facing charges. Valerie Briffa is facing three charges after a lengthy SIU investigation. Krupka was shot in the stomach right in front of her Mississauga home back in May.

According to CP24, Krupka's former partner called police and urged them to respond to her home back on May 10 after the two parents had an apparent text dispute about her son visiting her on Mother's Day.

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When officers arrived, they demanded that the mother step outside to speak to them. She was allegedly informed she was not under arrest.

Krupka asked the officers to leave because she stated they were trespassing on her property. Her partner Michael Headley, who was there with her at the home, had a gun drawn on him and was told to go back inside.

He was fired at with a stun gun along with Krupka when she tried to get back inside, according to CP24.

She was apparently shot when she pulled off the wires from the Taser and tried to reach for Headley.

“Without any warning, officer Jane Doe shot me. The bullet went into my abdomen. I was in absolute shock. I froze and simply kept asking the officer ‘why?’ She did not respond,” said Krupka via the Toronto Star.

Krupka told the Star that the bullet hit her in the abdomen and actually managed to fracture her hip.

After a thorough investigation by the SIU, the officer, who had since resigned from her position, was identified as Valerie Briffa.

Briffa is now facing one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, one count of assault with a weapon, and one count of careless use of a firearm, per the SIU.

Narcity reached out to Peel Police for comment.

According to CBC, both Krupka and Headley have also filed a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

They allege Peel Police used excessive force against them and unlawfully arrested Headley, as well as stating that officers committed "discreditable conduct" with racial undertones.

They allege that there is systemic racism within Peel police, according to CBC.

The SIU has been particularly busy in recent months, having been called to investigate numerous incidents such as the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet under the watch of Toronto Police.

That, along with other high-profile incidents, sparked a large outcry against police brutality particularly involving the Black community. Toronto protesters held their latest action on Thursday downtown.

And just this week, the SIU is investigating after an OPP officer shot and killed a man in Haliburton after receiving reports of an assault at a Valu-mart grocery store.