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A Toronto Cafe Is Serving Up Coffee With Lady Gaga's Face From 'House Of Gucci' On It

You can get your own cup of Lady Gaga until November 21!

A Toronto Cafe Is Serving Up Coffee With Lady Gaga’s Face From ‘House Of Gucci’ On It

Have you ever wanted to a sip coffee that strongly resembles Lady Gaga?

A Toronto cafe is serving up Lady Gaga's face in any coffee from her role in the upcoming film House of Gucci.

The coffee foam art shows Lady Gaga as her character Patrizia Reggiani with her signature dark hair pumped up in a half-up-half-down hairdo, a thick necklace and a blazer.

The film tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani marrying into the Gucci family and all the chaos that ensues and is based on a book by Sara Gay Forden, according to IMDb.

SanRemo Bakery told Narcity they can add the star's face to any coffee with foam for free until November 21, leading up to the film's release on November 24.

The bakery and cafe is also offering a new tiramisu cannoli "in celebration of the movie & all things Italian" until November 21 for $3.99 per cannoli.

The store's Gucci-themed offerings are in collaboration with a giveaway with Universal Pictures for free tickets to the movie's advanced screening in Toronto.

According to an Instagram post, the bakery will be giving away multiple pairs of tickets to the advanced screening of the star-studded film, which will feature actors like Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino and more.

But if you're more interested in just seeing Lady Gaga in foam art form, you can get that for no extra charge in stores.

SanRemo Bakery


Address: 374 Royal York Rd., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: To drink a coffee with Lady Gaga's face on it.


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