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Toronto Lash Tech Starts A Rare Snack Business After Lockdown Forces Her Out Of Work

"I finally was able to get into something I'm truly passionate about."

One Torontonian has used her time in lockdown to start a very unique company.

Reema Aviles is a 28-year-old who was working as an eyelash extension technician before the pandemic began.

When lockdowns forced the personal care industry to come to a halt, Aviles decided to launch Snack Edition, a delivery service that sends rare and unusual treats to your door.

She chatted with Narcity about her venture and how the pandemic led her to find a new passion.

How did Snack Edition start?

Aviles began looking for other sources of income when the pandemic affected her job in the personal care field.

"[...] Our decrease in sales was astronomical. It was really devastating for me, especially because I'm so passionate about the industry."

That's when her love of food came into play.

"I collect a lot of snacks, every time I'm travelling [...] I'm typically visiting the most exotic snack stores I can find."

"I've always used different sourcing websites and apps to source products, [...] anything I saw I was like, 'Maybe I can find it a little bit cheaper, or maybe I can find [...] a better deal.'"

"I was finding the best deal possible for myself, so I thought, I can most certainly do this for other people while supplying snacks they can't find in Toronto."

What are some of the wild snacks that are available?

Aviles launched the online company two months ago, and it offers a range of rare goodies from around the world, from old-school drinks to wild cereal flavours.

Some of the most unusual snacks include apple pie KitKat bars, Dunkaroos Cereal, Mexican lollipops covered in chilli powder, and Walkers KFC Zinger Crisps from the UK.

There's also a Monthly Snack Pack filled with all sorts of outrageous surprises, and all treats can be delivered across Canada and the USA.

Would you have started this company if the lockdowns hadn't happened?

Aviles explained that due to her intense work schedule before the pandemic, she doesn't think she would have ever started Snack Edition.

"By the time I got home I was exhausted, there was no way I was doing anything else except going to bed."

"I really think that it's important that people take the time during this pandemic to figure out the value of things in life and what they really want to do with their lives," she says.

"It's great how it opened up a new world for me and gave me something to be excited about."