Deliveries always make the day more exciting, especially when it's something delicious.

These Toronto food subscriptions will deliver boxes of treats to your door at least once a month.

You can get cakes, rare cereal, butter tarts, hummus, and more on a regular basis so you'll never run out of yummy things to eat.

Keep the goodies coming with these drool-worthy clubs and services.

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Cake Of The Month Club 

Price: $240 for 6 months

Details: Live the dream by getting a Le Dolci cake delivered to your door every month. Each cake is a different flavour and design, and you can expect to get some seasonal themes.

Hummus Club

Price: $100+ per month

Details: You'll never run out of snacks with Shook's hummus delivery. Each week, you'll get a package containing hummus, dip, and pita.

GA Pizza Club

Price: $39+ per month

Details: You can sign up for the first pizza subscription in the world from General Assembly. There are a variety of frozen pizzas to choose from and get delivered each month.

The Cheese Club

Price: $35+ per month

Details: Subscriptions don't get feta than this! You can indulge local, artisanal cheese every month by being part of The Cheese Bar's club.

Macaron Subscription

Price: $35 per month

Details: You can look forward to a special delivery each month with The Social Blend's macaron subscription. Every custom box contains 9 macarons with seasonal and signature flavours.

Coffee Subscription

Price: $37+

Details: Step up your coffee game from home with Pilot Coffee Roaster's subscriptions. You can choose from a variety of beans and delivery options to suit your caffeine needs.

Butter Tart Subscription

Price: $80 ($85) for 3 months

Details: Let your patriotism shine with this gooey butter tart package from Carla's Cookie Box. You'll receive 6 tarts each month, and you can choose from flavours like Nutella and Salted Caramel.

Cocktail Subscription Kit

Price: $45 per month

Details: The Stay At Home Cocktail Club will bring the party to your living room with ingredients and recipes for boozy drinks. You'll also receive a free virtual cocktail hour.

Pie Club

Price: $35+ per month

Details: Choose from the Individual Club or Family Club at Sharman's Proper Pies. Each month, you'll get up to 6 savoury pies delivered to your door.

Sweet Sampler Box

Price: $139 for 3 months

Details: Once a month, you can have a box full of sweets arrive at your door from Sweet Flour Bake Shop. The goodies include cookies, bars, and more, and change every month.

Tamales Subscription

Price: $60 per month

Details: Dinner is easy with this subscription from Tamales Mineros. You'll get frozen tamales delivered to your door in a variety of flavours.

Cereal Box Club

Price: $19.99 + per month

Details: Relive your childhood through Cereal Box Club's monthly packages. You'll receive limited-edition, rare cereal and other breakfast treats.