A Toronto Man Is Selling A Pringle Chip For $500 & Apparently Multiple Offers Were Made

He also received a lot of weird messages.

A Toronto Man Is Selling A Pringle Chip For $500 & Apparently Multiple Offers Were Made

A 24-year-old Toronto man is selling a "weirdly shaped Pringle" for $500 on Facebook Marketplace, and people have actually made offers.

Kayhan Mirza, an avid Facebook Marketplace seller, told Narcity he noticed the funky chip last night while enjoying a can of his favourite snack and the idea to profit off the chip's unique features dawned on him.

"I remembered reading an article a long time ago, of someone selling another chip or the same chip for $5,000 or something. So I was like, let's give this a try."

Kayhan Mirza | Facebook

"Honestly, I was not expecting any response or anybody to reply to me," he said.

Mirza posted the chip onto Facebook 14 hours ago and says he's already received about 30 responses, four or five of which were actually interested in purchasing the chip. The rest were mostly trolling messages and hate.

So far Mirza, says he has received several offers ranging from $200 to $300 and all the way up to $500.

The individual who didn't blink at the $500 price tag is reportedly on route to Mirza's home to pick up the pringle.

Although along with money Mira, did receive some other interesting inquires.

"I have had some really weird messages," he said. One person even apparently asked, "can I come to your house and have the snack on your couch?"

Another individual asked if they could pay for the infamous chip in "doll hairs."

The Pringle, which is salt and vinegar flavoured, is in good condition according to Mirza and was freshly opened yesterday

So if Mirza's latest deal falls through, you can find the chip listed on Facebook Marketplace.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.