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A Guy In Toronto Is Renting Out His Balcony For $25/hr So You Can Take An Insta Pic

Would you pay for the perfect picture?

A Guy In Toronto Is Renting Out His Balcony For $25/hr So You Can Take An Insta Pic

A Guy In Toronto Is Renting Out His Balcony For $25/hr So ...

Ryan Alrushud

Are busy Toronto patios not your thing? Why not book someone's private condo balcony instead.

Ryan Alrushud, a 24-year-old social worker and photographer, has opened up his 60th-floor balcony for people to rent his private view of the city skyline – for $25/ hour per person.

Alrushud posted in a Facebook group called "Modelling in Toronto," offering up his space to photographers, models and artists looking to optimize his view of the CN Tower and Yonge-Dundas Square. A booking comes with bathroom and Wi-Fi access.

Ryan Alrushud

Alrushud told Narcity that the purpose of his business venture is "to meet new artists and photographers in this city."

In his post, Alrushud says up to three people can use the space, and he confirmed to Narcity that masks must be worn indoors; however, on the balcony, guests will be free to remove them.

Although Alrushud is charging for the space, he told Narcity what's really important to him is creating affordable options for artists in Toronto outside of expensive studio rentals.

"There are a lot of photographers who can't afford to do a photoshoot. So I decided to have a venue for artists where they can do art in an affordable way."

Photography is a passion of Alrushud, and he hopes his space will provide an affordable option for those in his craft or for people who want a more private patio experience.

"I really wanted something that I could enjoy without having to make money behind it. So it's just $25 per hour compared to $300 for a studio."

According to Alrushud, many people have already reached out to book his space.

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