A Toronto TikToker Claims She Took Cole Sprouse's Virginity While On A Disney Vacation (VIDEO)

"He goes 'Are you DTF?'"

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Chloe Bow. Right: Cole Sprouse.

Chloe Bow. Right: Cole Sprouse.

A Toronto TikToker says she had sex with Cole Sprouse while on a family vacation at Disney World back in 2008.

Cole Sprouse recently revealed he lost his virginity at 14 years old after asking an older girl if she was "DTF," and it seems like that woman is speaking out.

Chloe Bow posted a TikTok days after Sprouse revealed the sordid details of his first time and claims that she lost her virginity to the actor under very similar circumstances.


HE IS A MONTH OLDER THAN ME lol #callherdaddy #chd

Bow didn't mention Sprouse by name in the TikTok, but in a prior video, she said Cody Martin, Sprouse's Disney channel character, asked her if she was "DTF."

"I was 15, on vacation in Disneyworld with my family. And my mom and I are walking back to our hotel room at the Grand Floridian from Magic Kingdom one night, and I see this person that is very recognizable, and I tell my mom, I'm like, 'Oh my god, mom is that [Cole Sprouse]?' and she's like, 'Go ask him for a photo," Bow said in a TikTok.


he is a month older than me LOL

With a digital camera slung on her wrist, Bow says she went up to the two brothers and asked for a photo.

Bow said he was "very nice" and that he told her he was there with his family to promote his new show and that they were going to set sail on a Disney Cruise.

If you know the Sprouse twins, that sounds a lot like the Disney Channel original series The Suite Life on Deck.

Bow said she ran into him again at the pool and asked if she could sit with him.

"We end up hanging out for the rest of the night and somehow end up on these chaise lounge chairs at the beach, and at some point, my mom gets worried because I didn't go back to my room."

Bow said her mom sent security out to look for her, but she managed to get Sprouse's number, and they made plans to hang out the next day.

The next day rolled by without a text, and Bow said she was the "saddest girl in Disney World" until he showed up outside her hotel room window, beckoning her to come down.

Bow said they spent the night hanging out and that he asked her if she was "down to f*ck."

"At some point, he says to me, 'Can I ask you a question, and it's okay if you say no [...] Are you DTF?'"

Bow said she didn't know what the term meant and asked him to explain it, but she was interested in sex and that it felt like a "low stakes" way to get her first time out of the way, so she said, "Sure."

She said they went back to his hotel room and that she told him to wash his hands and turn off the light.

"It didn't last much longer than 20 or 30 seconds, but all in all, it was safe and consensual."

Sprouse recounted his first time on the Call Her Daddy podcast on March 8.

"I was on a family trip in Florida, and I met this girl who was older. Alright, so that's already dubious, and the first night we kind of made out," said Sprouse.

Sprouse said all his friends had already lost their virginities, so on the second night they hung out, he knocked at her hotel door, and they went down to the beach on some chaise lounges, where he asked her if she was DTF.

"I finally mustered up enough courage to deliver a line that my brother has never ever let down for me. I went, I looked at her, and I was like, 'So are you like DTF?', and she goes, 'What? 'and I go,' You know, down to f*ck.'"

"She looked at me and was like, 'Sure.' So, we went back to the hotel room," said Sprouse.

Bow and Sprouse's versions are similar, although fans commented on Bow's video that the age difference between the two didn't make sense.

Bow said that she thinks he just "misremembered the details" and that she "presented older" since she was going through a "rebellious phase."

Narcity reached out to Bow and Sprouse for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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