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Ontarians Formed A Wall Of Cars To Stop A High Driver Before Police Arrived (VIDEO)

Police say they "applaud" the public's efforts.
A York Regional Police Video Shows People Trapping A High Driver By Boxing In Their Car

A group of Ontarians took matters into their own hands earlier this month. A York Regional Police video shows how drivers came together to halt an impaired driving incident on June 4. People boxed in the 23-year-old driver so they couldn't cause any more danger before officers were able to make it to the scene.

According to the YRP news release, at around 7:35 p.m., on Thursday, June 4, a call was made after someone believed they'd encountered an impaired driver in the area of Highway 7 East and East Beaver Creek Road.

In the video footage of the incident, the caller told YRP that the car was "all over the road" and had a few close calls with other vehicles.

The woman on the phone got extremely agitated as the car apparently threatened to crash into other vehicles.

"Oh my god, she's about to hit a car!" warned the caller on multiple occasions.

In fact, drivers thought the car was such a danger that they took matters into their own hands, finding a way to block in the impaired driver with their own vehicles in the left lane of Highway 7 near Bathurst Street. 

The caller reported the woman driving erratically, a 23-year-old from Vaughan, had told her she was high on weed and mushrooms while driving.

And, as the officers arrived on the scene, they say they saw "obvious" signs of the driver being high off a drug.

Edibles were also found in her vehicle.

She was then arrested and sent to the hospital where she was later released and charged, according to the release.

YRP Sgt. Andy Pattenden told Narcity by email on Wednesday that police do not encourage citizens to use their vehicles to box in an impaired driver.

However, he noted that officers "applaud" the other drivers' efforts in this particular case.

"As you know, we encourage citizens to call 9-1-1 if they spot a suspected impaired driver. The YRP call taker will provide instructions to the caller, which usually involves the driver following the suspected impaired driver only if safe to do so," said Sgt. Pattenden.

"We would not encourage drivers to use their vehicles to box in suspects as this would place them in danger. Thankfully, no one in this case was injured and we applaud the other drivers for their efforts to stop this crime in progress and to prevent the impaired driver from hurting or killing herself or other drivers on the road."

The 23-year-old woman has been charged with Impaired Driving and Dangerous Operation of a Motor vehicle.

The YRP always reminds people that if they see driving on the road that could potentially be dangerous, they should call 911 immediately.

Thankfully, in this case, the public's actions turned out for the best.

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