Anti-Mask Protests Are Taking Over Toronto Streets Right Now (PHOTOS)

It's being called a freedom protest.
Anti-Mask Protests Are Taking Over Toronto Streets Right Now (PHOTOS)

Face coverings are a rare sight right now as anti-mask protests take over downtown Toronto. 

Hundreds have gathered together at Queen's Park without masks or physical distancing in place to protest public health restrictions. 

The demonstration is also spreading down the roads as a pickup truck with a speaker blaring protest music in the back drives on Queen and Bay streets towards Dundas square. 

They have a police escort, which according to Sgt. Richard Bobbis, who is on-site, was the result of "treating them like any of the other 300 protests a year."

However, he said they do not have a permit. 

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Between the various songs, the truck has been heard broadcasting various pre-recorded theories to highlight their cause. 

Social media posts from the event also show them moving along Yonge Street. 

They referred to it as a "freedom protest" with one Twitter user also using the hashtag No New Normal. 

This comes on the same day that strengthened measures from the Ontario government come into effect. 

One of them is a provincewide mandate that face coverings must be worn at all public indoor spaces in Ontario, including on public transit.