Loud Anti-Mask Protesters Took Over The TTC On Tuesday Morning (VIDEOS)

Participants wore shirts saying "HUGS over MASKS."
An Anti-Mask Protest On The TTC Took Over The Subway On Tuesday Morning

It looks like some people aren't happy with the new Toronto bylaw. As of July 7, face masks in the 6ix are now mandatory in all public indoor spaces. However, the recent regulation caused an uproar from an anti-mask protest on the TTC which saw a small group of protestors board a subway train without masks and chant through Dundas station.

A temporary bylaw that could last until September 30 officially started on Tuesday and it requires everyone to wear face masks in indoor public spaces.

The same goes for the TTC, which actually made it mandatory for all riders to wear a face mask as of July 2, before the City followed suit.

But it looks like some Torontonians are not here for this new health measure.

On Tuesday morning, a small group of protestors marched into the TTC Dundas subway station, chanting and holding up signs in opposition to the new bylaw.

According to CityNews, they congregated at Yonge-Dundas and took the TTC from there to Bloor-Yonge.

One person tweeted that they received a flyer from a protester stating that the marchers are exempt from wearing a face mask.

“I am exempt from the provincial health officer’s regulation mandating face mask usage. Wearing a face mask poses a health risk to me,” reads part of the statement on the flyer.

Videos were shared of the protest and some people can be seen wearing shirts that read "HUGS over MASKS" as many can be heard chanting the same slogan.

The TTC noted in its responses to the public on Twitter that it was aware of the protest.

"We were aware of the protest and staff were closely monitoring the situation. It was reported they traveled a few stops on the subway and then exited the system," reads a tweet from TTC Customer Service.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told CP24: "Thankfully their trip was short-lived and thankfully they paid their fare."

In the group of protestors was Letitia Montana, the woman who was escorted out of St. Joseph's Health Centre this week for refusing to wear a mask.

“Our individual rights have to be suppressed so that somebody else would feel better,” said Montana via CP24. "Is that the kind of world we want to live in? That is what has led to the worst atrocities in history."

Despite that rhetoric, Mayor John Tory seemed unflustered by the action.

According to NEWSTALK1010, Tory says he's sure most Torontonians are actually OK with the temporary bylaw and that the protest is just a small group of people.