Author Robert Munsch Reveals His Journey With Dementia & Canadians Are Showing Support

"The stories will be the last thing to go, I think."

Toronto Staff Writer
Author Robert Munsch Reveals His Journey With Dementia & Canadians Are Showing Support

Canadian author Robert Munsch, 76, who is famous for his children's stories, revealed he has dementia in an interview with CBC's 'The Next Chapter' and Canadians are pouring out support on Twitter.

"I have ongoing dementia," said Munsch, who once worked at the University of Guelph, in an interview with CBC.

"I can't drive, I can't ride a bicycle, I can't write. So it's been really whittling away on who I thought I was. I kind of thought I would like to do this interview as a last hurrah."

Munsch's stories like The Paper Bag Princess, Love You Forever, Smelly Socks and more have graced many children's bookshelves and, according to Munsch, will be the last memories to go.

"My stories, strangely enough, are all there. The stories will be the last thing to go, I think."

After revealing his diagnosis for the first time, Canadians took to social media to show love to the Canadian icon.

One user wrote, "Thank you #RobertMunsch for helping me want to read when I was young! #proud"

Another wrote, "shoutout robert munsch fr, his books and the artwork in them were amazing during my childhood, thank you."

Fans on Twitter shared messages of how his books impacted them. One user said, "Just know when I was a little girl that The Paper Bag Princess was the only book about princesses that really worked for me."

Another admirer of Munsch wrote, "I read all robert munsch stories to my classes every year. They love them so much. We did smelly socks last week and tomorrow we are doing David's Father. Mmm cookies is on the schedule for the week after. #robertmunsch is a Canadian national treasure."

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