Plenty of sadness and outrage are being felt after the Brampton car crash that killed a mother and her three children. Now, a new video has surfaced showing the same driver behaving recklessly days prior. It also shows people trying to stop him.

The footage was originally posted to a private group for the Valleywood Neighbourhood Watch program on June 16 by local resident Sandeep Singh.

He shared the footage, as well as a screenshot of the group post, on his own profile on June 18, the day the fatal crash occurred.

The video appears to show the driver of the vehicle (a blue Infiniti) passed out as his car rolls through an intersection.

Singh jumps out of his car to and tries to open the passenger door before the car collides with some planters on the sidewalk.

The driver then revs his engine, spinning out his tires while Singh continues his attempts to make him stop. The car is then thrown into reverse before speeding off.

"The video incident happened tuesday 16th June at approx 730pm," Singh wrote, "Feel so sick and sad and i told the OPP that this driver would end up killing himself or worse killing others- i did not know what i said would come true."

The video was also shared on Twitter by Brampton mayor Patrick Brown.

"Community members & police tried to stop the driver. He was having none of it. He belongs behind bars for taking 4 innocent lives. This was his driving prior to the accident. @PeelPolice
& residents did their best. This was a brazen repeat offender with no regard for human life," he wrote.

Brown also tweeted that the 20-year-old driver had a prohibited license due to multiple driving offences. He also had plates that did not match his vehicle. He later corrected himself saying the license was actually suspended, not prohibited. 

The victims of the crash were 37-year-old Karolina Ciasullo and her three daughters, aged six, four, and one. A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the family.

The driver of the blue Infiniti suffered a broken leg. His name has not been released to the public.