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You Can Finally Get 'Cake Boss' Delivery In Canada & The Options Are Unreal

Let Canada eat cake!
You Can Finally Get 'Cake Boss' Delivery In Canada & The Options Are Unreal
Associate Editor

You can never have too much cake, and now us Canadians have an excuse to eat even more! A world-renowned bakery has just launched delivery to Canada, and you can enjoy the famous cakes from home. Get your forks ready, because Canada's Cake Boss delivery is now available online, and you can even get a patriotic treat to celebrate.

Anyone with a sweet tooth has probably indulged in an episode or two of Cake Boss.

The show follows chef Buddy Valastro as he creates delicious dessert masterpieces at his shop, Carlo's Bakery, in New Jersey.

Until recently, Canadians had to cross the border in order to try one of these renowned creations.

Now, we can finally enjoy the cakes without leaving our home thanks to Carlo's Bakery's new Canadian delivery service, which launched June 22.

You can order up all sorts of fluffy cakes and merchandise from the bakery's website.

Valastro took to Instagram last week to announce the launch of the service.

"I know that my Canadian fans have been asking me for a long time, 'how do I taste your cakes?'," Valastro said in the Instagram video. "Well, let me tell you guys, now is the time!"

To celebrate the occasion, Valastro even created a special patriotic cake. 

The Oh Canada Baby has stacked layers of red and white sponge, silky buttercream icing, red sprinkles, and a maple leaf on top.

You can order the cake for $99. The desserts are frozen with dry ice to keep them fresh while shipping.

Flavours include the Oh Canada Baby, popular Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Fudge, and Carrot Cake.

You can also get a Cake Slice Sampler so you can try all the decadent options.

In late 2019, Carlo's Bakery launched unique cake vending machines in Toronto.

These sweet ATMs dispense slices of the famous Cake Boss desserts, and more were slated to open across the city this year.

Now, other areas of Canada can get in on the deliciousness by ordering the cakes online.

[rebelmouse-image 25985705 photo_credit="Carlo's Bakery" expand=1 original_size="1200x824"] Carlo's Bakery

Carlo's Bakery Delivery

Price: $99 per cake

Details: Indulge in some of these famous cakes that are finally available to Canadians!

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