You don't need to travel out of province to experience natural wonders. Ontario is actually home to the largest freshwater marine protected area in the world. Hiking along its remote trails lets you see gushing waterfalls, abandoned gold mines and vast cliff views. The Casque Isles Trail is perfect for those looking to explore hidden gems in Ontario.

The location is part of The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, which has nine unique trails to hike.

The Casque Isles Trail is the longest, spanning 53 kilometres one-way. 

If you were planning on completing the entire trail, it's important to note that it takes an estimated three to five days to finish, according to their website.

However, shortcuts are also available for those looking to fast-track.

The scenery will definitely be worth getting lost in. You can hike past giant boulders, wander along pebble stone beaches, and even see remnants of old gold mining projects.

The area is not only rich in ecological beauty, but there are pieces of human history left behind as well. 

Shipwrecks can even be found under the waters near Rossport, Ontario, where the hike begins or ends, depending on which way you are coming from. 

Making your way northeast from Rossport, you will come across the Aguasabon Falls and Gorge, which is a 100-foot waterfall on a 2.6 billion-year-old rock face.

As you continue on through the trail, hills and forested regions become more prevalent as you approach Terrance Bay, where the land is more rugged.

There are picnic areas and lookout spots all along the hiking route. 

Unofficial campsites are also available for those who want to spend the night, says the website. Although hiking this trail is considered difficult, some of the sections are easier to conquer than others.

There are eight pristine islands near Rossport which you can access with the help of a kayak or canoe.

Take yourself on a journey along the protected shores of northern Lake Superior and get immersed in ancient natural wonders that still exist today. 

Casque Isles Trail 

Price: Free

Address: 15-19 Beach Rd., Schreiber, ON

Why You Need To Go: Wander past gold mines and gushing waterfalls on this Ontario trail. 


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