Disney Just Opened A 'Haunted Mansion' In Toronto & You Can Explore A Creepy 'Séance Room'

It's free to enter, if you dare.

The Haunted Mansion Séance Room in Toronto, Ontario.
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The Haunted Mansion Séance Room in Toronto, Ontario.

It may not be Halloween just yet but something spooky has arrived in the city. Walt Disney Studios Canada has brought a bit of hocus pocus to Toronto ahead of spooky season with a spine-chilling pop-up event.

The Haunted Mansion Séance Room is an immersive experience that will bring your nightmares to life. Opening at Queen's Quay Terminal North from July 21 to 30, the event is full of spirits, ghosts, and more.

The attraction will give you a little taste of Disney's upcoming film The Haunted Mansion which is opening in theatres on July 28. You may recognize the name from the Haunted Mansion rides at Disney parks as well as the 2003 Disney film.

The movie features Owen Wilson, LaKeith Stanfield, Jared Leto, and Jamie Lee Kurtis and follows the tale of a woman trying to rid her newly-bought home of spirits.

Toronto's Haunted Mansion Séance Room will take you to a"world of spirts and uncovered secrets to meet and interact with a ghostly psychic forever trapped inside a mesmerizing crystal ball."

Be warned, "those who dare to enter, may leave with hitchhiking ghosts and a Haunted Mansion themed surprise."

The experience is free to visit so if you're feeling brave, you may want to plan a trip to this spooky spot.

Haunted Mansion Séance Room

Haunted Mansion experience in Toronto.

Haunted Mansion experience in Toronto.

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Canada

Price: Free

When: July 21 to 30, 2023, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Address: Harbourfront - Queen's Quay Terminal North - South side of the intersection of Queen's Quay West and York Street

Why You Need To Go: This spooky spot is free to visit, if you dare.

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