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Protestors Stormed Doug Ford's House At The Crack Of Dawn To Demand Rent Relief (VIDEOS)

The premier got an early wake-up call this morning. Protestors in Toronto arrived at Doug Ford's house at "the crack of dawn" Tuesday morning and they brought megaphones. The group was confronting Ford about rent relief and other tenants rights issues. 

The protest comes two weeks after the province promised a rent freeze going into 2021. Activists are now calling for further amendments to be made.

Protestors from Toronto ACORN and ACORN Canada organized the event, and shared photos online.

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They also released a statement about the reason for the disruption, along with a list of demands.

"Today at the crack of dawn, ACORN members marched to Premier Doug Ford's home and blocked the driveway," says a news release.

"ACORN members were left with no choice but to go to the Premier's home to demand immediate action to protect tenants' rights."

The group states that their efforts of calling, writing and hosting virtual protests has been met with "inaction". 

"As the province is proposing a Rent Freeze Legislation, we are demanding it to include AGIs, Vacancy Control and No COVID Evictions," says their statement.

Footage of the confrontation at Ford's house shows the premier getting called out by demonstrators, who were chanting into megaphones on the quiet, treelined street. 

Their tweet states that they waited outside for over two hours and reported that "Doug Ford had nothing to say to tenants."

The group is asking for the government to bring back the Eviction Moratorium, and to include all rental units in the rent freeze, not just those built before 2018.  

Narcity has reached out to the Ontario government for a statement. 

A spokesperson for the premier stated, "Our government has promised legislation this fall that will support renters in Ontario during this extremely difficult time. Despite our commitment to engage tenant and landlord groups to ensure the proposed legislation is fair and balanced, these protestors have decided to take the unfortunate step of gathering at the Premier’s personal residence."

"While the Premier respects people’s right to protest, neither his family nor the families of his neighbours deserve this treatment.”

In a video, it appears that Ford exits his house before quickly getting into his car and driving off. 

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