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A Toronto Eatery Is Disguising Its Food As Office Supplies So You Can Expense Your Meal

Who's hungry for a Silicone Keyboard Cover?

A Toronto burger restaurant just came up with a crazy hack to get your boss to pay for your food.

Good Fortune Burger has disguised some of its dishes as office supplies in hopes that customers can expense their meal.

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This sneaky (and morally questionable) scheme could allow you to order yourself some lunch and expense it as innocent office gear.

The restaurant launched a limited-time Receats menu on UberEats, and it's full of creative food names.

You can order some Braided HDMI Cable fries, a Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard burger, a Non-Slip Rubber Mouse Pad Coca-Cola and more.

The concept is a fun way to bring a bit of light-heartedness to the cold winter season.

The menu is set to run until March 5, 2021, but the date may change based on performance.

Treat yourself to a delicious 8GB Flash Drive, and maybe your boss will even pick up the tab?

Good Fortune Burger

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Burgers

Address: Various locations

Why You Need To Go: You can order food disguised as office supplies with this sneaky new concept.