It appears that gym closures in Toronto and Peel haven't deterred some people from getting in a workout.

LA Fitness clubs in surrounding regions have been dealing with longer lineups than usual as members visit the locations that remain open.

Videos of crowds gathered outside of a Milton gym began popping on Twitter on Wednesday. 

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LA Fitness responded by issuing a notice to members, reports CP24

“To be clear, if you reside in a ‘hot spot’ region, we must ask that you not travel to visit LA Fitness clubs in regions outside your own during the temporary closure," it reads.

"Let’s all work together to promote health and safety during this public health crisis."

The gym chain claims that it has frozen membership status "for all members located in these higher transmission areas."

"This means you will not be billed during the time of this closure, your membership is inactive and you should not be using LA Fitness clubs."

Gyms in Toronto and Peel were closed on October 10, along with indoor dining and theatres.