If you spot a swarm of bugs next time you step outside, you aren't in a nightmare. You've just stumbled across an invasion of gypsy moths.

According to The Weather Network, the invasive species are experiencing a boom year in the province.

In fact, multiple residents have taken to social media to showcase just how many of these moths have called the province home.

The little creep critters have a nasty habit of gorging themselves on Ontario trees and causing defoliation.

The caterpillar's hairs can also trigger itchy allergic reactions, so don't go touching them.

Last year marked the highest outbreak of gypsy moths in Ontario's history.

Other historic booms of gypsy moths included 1985, 1991, and 2002.

David Dutkiewicz, an Entomology Technician with the Invasive Species Centre, told TWN that residents can wrap their trees in burlap and hand scrap egg masses that they find from September to April.


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But, hey, at least some people are making the most of it.

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