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Ontario Cop Suspended With Pay For Aggressively Shoving A Man Around (VIDEO)

Halton's Chief of Police is "extremely concerned" about the cop's actions.
Ontario Cop Suspended With Pay For Aggressively Shoving A Man Around (VIDEO)

A Toronto-area cop just got suspended with pay for assaulting a civilian. The Halton Police officer was filmed getting aggressive with a man back in April. The video shows the officer shoving him to the ground. A full investigation is underway and charges will be laid if necessary.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The video surfaced on social media on June 20. In it, four officers can be seen surrounding a man in a red jacket.

One of the officers repeatedly pushes the man as he stumbles backwards, even knocking him to the ground partway through the clip. The cop also kicks the man's backpack. 

The video ends with the cop shoving the man out of view of the camera, with the three other officers following closely behind.

Halton Police Chief  Stephen Tanner issued a response to the incident on June 21.

"I am extremely concerned with what I have seen in this particular video, particularly the actions of all four officers who were present at the time of the incident."

"Immediately upon learning of this incident, the officer who made direct physical contact with the individual was suspended from duty. That is a decision that I am responsible for as your Chief of Police."

Tanner says in the statement that the only action that can be taken immediately is to suspend the officer with pay, according to Ontario's Police Services Act.

"While police chiefs and Police Services Boards have long sought to have the option for suspension without pay, this has yet to become a reality in the new Police Services Act."

Narcity has reached out to Halton Police, who said that they will not be providing further comment at this time.

Chief Tanner acknowledged that there are many people who want to see the officer fired. "I recognize that many have demanded the immediate firing of the individual involved," he wrote.

"The reality is that we must ensure that we conduct a full and fair investigation, as always, and pursue charges as appropriate."

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton has also spoken out about the incident, calling out the officer's "unprofessional and undisciplined behaviour."

"The treatment of the youth by the officer does not fit the standards of the Halton Police under any circumstances. I deplore the unprofessional and undisciplined behaviour displayed in the video," he wrote.

"I'm glad the Chief has suspended the officer and begun an investigation."

All four officers depicted in the video are under investigation for their conduct, reports the police's statement.

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