A Toronto Bakery Just Changed Hot Chocolate Forever With Its Festive Melting Cones

You can even get them delivered 😍
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
A Toronto Bakery Just Changed Hot Chocolate Forever With Its Festive Melting Cones

If you thought hot chocolate couldn't get any better, get ready to have your mind blown.

These Hot Chocolate Cones in Toronto will change the way you drink this winter delicacy forever. 

Created by Euro Desserts, the solid chocolate cones melt when topped with steaming milk, creating the most decadent drink.

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The gourmet cones come in drool-worthy flavours like Gingerbread, Cookies & Cream, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and more.

You can even get bright green Grinchmess Cones that will make your heart grow three sizes.

The bakery posted some TikTok videos that show how the cones work, and watching the chocolate melt is the most satisfying thing you'll see all day.

The cones come in boxes of 4 or 8, and are available for pickup or delivery.

The Grinch cone is available in a special Grinchmas Dessert Box.

Take your hot chocolate to a whole new level with these decadent cones.

Hot Chocolate Cones

Price: $25 - $50 per box

Address: 90 Turbine Dr. 16, North York, ON

Details: These gourmet cones will melt into your mug, creating the most decadent hot chocolate ever.

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