I Tried 2 Drool-Worthy Cakes From The New Carlo's Bakery Near Toronto & Here's The Winner

This one took the cake and my heart!

Toronto Staff Writer
I Tried 2 Drool-Worthy Cakes From The New Carlo's Bakery Near Toronto & Here's The Winner

Who wants to eat some cake?

If you watched TLC in the 2000s, you probably watched episodes of Cake Boss on repeat. The show featured a family-owned New Jersey bakery whipping up massive cakes and impossible orders.

Buddy Valastro, the shop's owner and star of the show, was always ready to tackle any order, and I always wondered what those cakes actually tasted like.

This week, Canada got its very own Carlo's Bakery in Mississauga, and I finally got to satisfy my curiosity.

The new bakery is a sprawling 3,200-square-foot space in Port Credit and has more than enough cake, pastries and pizza to fill it.

While I was there, I decided to grab two classic flavours of Buddy's cake, Rainbow Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge, and put them up to a challenge of my own to find out which one is the superior choice.

Vanilla Rainbow

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

Price: $9.99

Flavour: This six-layered cake is smooth, moist, and the vanilla sugar icing, which is generously spread throughout each layer, melts in your mouth the second it hits your tongue. The sprinkle-encrusted edges were to die for and gave each soft bite a satisfying edge of crunch. I honestly could finish this slice in under 20 minutes with no regrets.

Chocolate Fudge

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

Price: $9.99

Flavour: This Chocolate Fudge cake is rich and decadent. The thick icing is spread between four layers of cake, and the bottom half of the icing is coated in chocolate sprinkles. This cake is the perfect mix of rich without being tooth-achingly sweet. I could only have a few bites at a time, though, because of how strong the flavour was, and I was honestly full after those few bites. So If you take this challenge on, you might want to bring someone to help you finish it.

Who's the winner?

I have to go with Vanilla Rainbow! Any slice of chocolate cake is going to taste delicious (in my opinion, there really is no such thing as bad chocolate cake), but to make a vanilla cake taste so remarkable is truly an accomplishment.

The chocolate cake was great, but I don't think I could polish off a slice by myself. But on the other hand, I could definitely go to town on multiple vanilla slices. The batter seemed lighter, and I found the vanilla sugar icing to be fresher and creamier.

However, both slices tasted just as good as they looked and were reasonably priced for the amount of cake I got.

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