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I Tried The ‘Cake Boss’ Vending Machine And This Is My Honest Opinion

Have you tried the rainbow cake?

Bring on the cake! Have you spotted Carlo's Bake Shop in Canada yet? Instead of a traditional bakery, it is an automated ATM.

I tried two slices to see if The Cake Boss vending machines live up to the hype. To ensure you don't waste your money on this new shop, I'll share my honest opinion.

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Where can you find one?

Cake Boss In Canada Stephanie White | Narcity

In Canada, Carlo's Bake Shop currently has multiple locations in Ottawa and the greater Toronto area. All of the cake ATMs are inside malls, like Yorkdale, Square One, Eaton Centre, Upper Canada, Bayshore, and St. Laurent.

There is a handy map online where you can search for the location closest to you. The useful tool will not only give you the address but provide a detailed description of where to go, such as in the food court or beside the Apple Store.

The vending machine will be easy to spot, as it will have a large photo of chef Buddy Valastro.

What types of cake are available?

Cake Boss In Canada Stephanie White | Narcity

You can try some of Buddy Valastro’s famous cake flavours. The mouthwatering options include carrot, rainbow, red velvet, cookies and cream, vanilla confetti, and chocolate fudge. Regardless of which one you pick, they all cost $9.99.

The self-serve machines are temperature-controlled and re-stocked daily to ensure you always get a fresh slice. But if you have your heart set on a specific flavour, make sure to go early. By the early evening, you might find everything is already sold out.

Is it worth purchasing?

Cake Boss In Canada Stephanie White | Narcity

I tried the carrot cake, which has crunchy walnut pieces and a thin layer of cream cheese frosting between every layer. My second pick was the cheerful rainbow cake with vanilla icing. It was is a showstopper with seven-layers in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Around the exterior, it had colourful sprinkles.

The desserts were remarkably fresh, and in a blind taste test, I wouldn't be able to tell they came from a vending machine. Both were delightfully delicious, with an airy texture, without being overly sweet.

While it certainly isn't the most affordable treat, the portions are very generous. Each piece is so gigantic you could easily share it with another person.

If you are tempted to try this celebrity dish, it is worth the one-time splurge. The novelty of getting a piece of cake from a vending machine was rather entertaining. While the quality of the product, won't disappoint.

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