The Ontario Medical Association is urging the government to rethink whether the fact that indoor bars can reopen in Ontario is a wise idea, even as most of the province enters stage three.

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In particular, the OMA warns that tight and poorly ventilated spaces like bars and nightclubs have an especially high risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Here in Canada, we have seen a spike in cases in Montreal, many of which can be traced back to bars. 


"The evidence from other jurisdictions is that the reopening of bars carries significant risk,” said OMA President Dr. Samantha Hill. “When people consume alcohol, inhibitions are lowered, making them much less likely to practise physical distancing, proper masking behaviours and good hand hygiene."

For what it's worth, the City of Toronto seems to have recognized this risk and announced it will be coming down hard on venues that do not adhere to proper social distancing.

The OMA's statement mentions Montreal, which is no coincidence. Since bars reopened across Quebec on June 25, it's been reported that numerous new cases of the virus can be traced back to the city's nightlife.

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