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Kawhi Says He Left Toronto Because He Couldn't Find Gloves That Fit His Huge Hands (VIDEO)

He even struggles to fit his hands in his pockets. 😂
Kawhi Leonard Left Toronto Because He Couldn't Find Gloves That Fit His Hands (VIDEO)

After years of wondering why Kawhi Leonard really decided to leave Toronto, we can finally put our curiosities to rest.

And perhaps it's a reason you may not have guessed — turns out, Kawhi couldn't find a single pair of gloves in Toronto that fit his massive hands, or so he told Kimmel.

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 "Is there disadvantages to having huge hands like that?" asked Kimmel.

"Oh definitely, and I don't even notice it until I see someone else doing an activity — like putting my hands in my own pockets — sometimes they're just too small," replied Leonard.

"Wait a minute — is that why you left Toronto? Because your hands were cold?"

"Oh man, I just couldn't find gloves that fit [in Toronto]," Leonard replied with a laugh.

While it definitely makes for a unique logo, it seems that the "Klaw" has its disadvantages.

Kawhi shared that he was excited to play on Christmas Day, adding that he's accepted that "the NBA has no holidays."

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