Kyle Lowry Says He Would 'Rather Be In Canada' Right About Now

He wishes he could be an "outsider looking in" on America.
Kyle Lowry Would “Rather Be In Canada” Right About Now

For much of his career as a Toronto Raptor, Kyle Lowry has lived and worked in Canada. He's even said the city feels like "home" to his family.

Now, in the midst of the U.S. election, Lowry says that "he'd rather be in a country like Canada."

On voting day, Lowry told The Washington Post that he wishes he could be "an outsider looking in" on what's unfolding in the U.S.

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To be led by a person like that, I’d rather be in a country [like] Canada and do my job and kind of speak from a sense of being an outsider looking in. Kyle Lowry

Kyle didn't confirm which person "like that" he was referring to, but he has been very vocal of his opposition to Donald Trump's travel ban, Reuters reported in 2017.

He also urged his home city of Philadelphia to vote.

"It’s a very pro-Democratic place. I think that’s Philadelphia in general, and I think that’s why Trump called [out Philadelphia], because we’re not pro-Trump here," he told The Washington Post.

Philadelphia is in the swing state of Pennsylvania, meaning that the state could go either way and the results could make or break the outcome.

"The state is going to do a good job of making sure every vote is counted," he said.

At the end of the day, Lowry is still a proud American.

"I love my country and everything about it," he said.