Red and blue look pretty good together, it turns out. The Maple Leafs are taking over the Raptors' dressing room for their game tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

But, rather than turfing out the black-and-red gear of their Scotiabank Arena neighbours, TML have decided to co-exist with the Raps. And, honestly, it's beautiful.

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Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe is certainly pleased about it. As he said, per TSN's Kristen Shilton, "Lots of winning that's gone on in that room, and hopefully we can get some of that to rub off on us." Hopefully, indeed.

Scotiabank Arena has four regular change rooms as well as two new supplementary areas for the NHL hub in Toronto. For Game 3, for the first time in the playoff series, Leafs are classed as the "visiting" team. That means relocating to the Raps' room, and they've certainly made themselves at home.

While the city's hockey players are taking up residence in their space, the Raptors are in Orlando, Florida, where they turned their hotel floor into a tribute to Toronto.