This Ontario Brewery Thinks Its New Ale Might Be The 'Most Canadian Beer Ever'

Canada in a can.
Most Canadian Beer Ever Might Be This Maple Flavoured Ale From An Ontario Brewery
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If you ever wondered what the most Canadian beer is, this Ontario brewery thinks its new ale might just be the one.

Waterloo Brewing said that its new booze for you to sip on, the Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale, "has to be a frontrunner for the Most Canadian Beer Ever."

This is a seasonal small-batch beer with 5.5% alc./vol. that's maple-flavoured and has notes of butter tart along with the aroma of pumpkin.

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$2.95 cost of 473mL cans

How can it get more Canadian than maple and hints of butter tart flavours? Plus, there are red maple leaves on the can.

The Maple Spiced Pecan Old Ale will be available starting in December and will come in 473mL cans for $2.95 at The Beer Store, the LCBO, some grocery stores and the Waterloo Brewing Beer Store. 

Since this is a seasonal small-batch, you can only get it for a limited time.

If you're looking for other Canadian flavoured alcohol, there's actually Nanaimo bar booze.

It's a whisky cream with tasty hints of wafer, coconut, chocolate ganache, custard and nut. 

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