Nanaimo Bar Flavoured Booze Is Actually A Thing In Canada & This New One Is A Whisky Cream

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Nanaimo Bar Alcohol Is Actually A Thing In Canada & This New One Is A Whisky Cream

Now, this is a perfect combination of deliciousness. Nanaimo bar alcohol is a thing in Canada and there's a new one you can try and it's a whisky cream. This is definitely an interesting take on a Canadian classic.

Forty Creek Whisky announced that it's releasing Nanaimo Bar Cream first in a couple of provinces this month and then nationwide after that.

This new alcohol is another take on Nanaimo bar flavoured booze.

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It's inspired by B.C. and is a tribute to the tasty west coast dessert through a combination of the bar's iconic flavour and the distillery's cream liqueur taste.

There are hints of wafer, coconut, chocolate ganache, rich custard and nut flavours in the cream along with cocoa, coconut and graham cracker aromas.

If you sip on this unique variation of the whisky cream, Forty Creek Whisky recommends having it both neat and on the rocks.

The boozy beverage goes well with both coffee and cocktails so there are lots of ways to have a taste if you don't want to drink it straight up.

It will be offered year-round for $29.95 in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta starting at the end of September.

It will be made available across the country in October.

Nanaimo bars are a no-bake dessert named after the city of Nanaimo, B.C.

They typically have three layers, a wafer with nuts and coconut, custard icing and chocolate ganache.

BuzzFeed Canada recently posted a video on Twitter of how to make them four different ways but mistakingly called them "Canadian chocolate bars."

That name didn't fly with B.C. Premier John Horgan and he actually called them out.

In B.C., there's a Nanaimo bar trail with 39 stops along the way to satisfy all your cravings for this sweet treat.

There are flavoured lattes, cocktails and even deep-fried versions of the bars.

Speaking of unique Canadian snacks, Coffee Crisp was trending on Twitter recently because people couldn't stop talking about how good the chocolate bar is.

There was also some bragging about it only being available in the True North.

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