Coffee Crisp Is A Canadian Delicacy & People Are Gushing About It On Twitter Right Now

It's the great chocolate bar debate.
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Coffee Crisp Is A Unique Canadian Treat & It's Trending Because Are Gushing About It

What's your favourite chocolate? Coffee Crisp is a unique Canadian treat and so many people are gushing over the crispy chocolate bar. It's even trending on Twitter because people can't stop talking about how good it is. 

If you didn't know, Coffee Crisp is basically a Canadian delicacy.

It's a variation of a treat made by a company in the U.K. and was so much more popular than the original that it lasted when Nestle took over the company.

Plus, it's produced exclusively at a factory in Toronto.

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Finding this chocolate bar outside of Canada is difficult if not impossible.

It was brought to the U.S. back in 2006 because of an online petition but it was discontinued three years later.

So, it's really only available here.

Coffee Crisp is made of layers of crispy vanilla wafer and coffee cream with a thin outer layer of chocolate.

It also has 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.

Adam Reid, a man from Newfoundland, posted a photo on Twitter of a bunch of chocolate including Coffee Crisp, Aero, Caramilk, Reese, Twix, Crispy Crunch, Mars, KitKat and more.

He then asked people to share their top three and which one they would get rid of forever.

"The Great Debate," Reid called it.

The tweet went viral with so many people responding to Reid's question that Coffee Crisp started trending.

One person said that Coffee Crisp should be removed forever and someone else responded that it was "another bad take."

While a lot of the tweets that made the bar go viral were replies to Reid's question, a lot were from people just gushing about the treat in general when they saw it trending.

"I don't know why Coffee Crisp is trending in Canada but it is nice to know that we can all agree during these unprecedented times that it is the best chocolate bar," one person tweeted.

Another person waxed poetic about the treat.

"Proud to be Canadian. Proud to eat Coffee Crisp. Proud to be my American friends' Coffee Crisp dealer. God bless Canada, and God bless Coffee Crisp," they tweeted.

Someone else tweeted that they saw Coffee Crisp trending and thought that something bad happened to it.

Then they used that classic gif of Denzel Washington clutching his chest in relief. Amazing!

There are lots of uniquely Canadian snacks like all dressed and ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, Jos Louis and Coffee Crisp.

Canadian actress Shay Mitchell actually has her friends bring her treats only found here to her home in the U.S. Now that's dedication!

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