Canadians don’t joke around when it comes to desserts. Even the B.C. Premier called out BuzzFeed when they posted a recipe video Nanaimo Bars, but called them something else. 

John Horgan's tweet on Wednesday, September 16, responded to BuzzFeed Canada video that shows you how to make a staple Nanaimo bar four different ways — but they call it a "Canadian Chocolate Bar."

I'm sorry to all the Canadians we've offended with this video.

BuzzFeed Canada

The backlash was swift and in a reply, the media outlet shared "Our friends in LA made this video and named it Canadian Chocolate Bars."

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BuzzFeed then added an apology to all Canadians but Horgan felt the need to call them out. 

Saying “c’mon man” in his tweet, the B.C. official notes that he loves a good Nanaimo Bar but the name “Canadian Chocolate Bars” is not going to fly, that's just disrespect.