The wait is over. According to the NHL schedule, the Toronto Maple Leafs will hit the ice on July 28 for a warm-up match against the Montreal Canadiens.

The game is an exciting one for fans, who haven't seen the boys in action in several months.

8:00 p.m.

The Leafs take on the Canadiens for their first exhibition game

The game, which will be hosted at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, is technically an away game for the Leafs.

Toronto was selected as one of two NHL hub cities to host the 2020 playoffs, which means they will have to get used to sharing their home turf for a while.

The team is currently residing in their NHL bubble at the Fairmont Royal York, under strict isolation restrictions.

The players are living well in their respective hub cities, though, with large lounge areas and buffet breakfasts