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The Pandemic Is Now "Completely Out Of Control" In Ontario, Says Science Table Advisor

Dr. Peter Juni suggests a hard lockdown for a few weeks — much like BC's.
Ontario COVID-19 Pandemic "Completely Out Of Control," Says Doctor

Dr. Peter Juni, the scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, says that the pandemic is now "completely out of control" within the province.

Speaking with Narcity over the phone, Juni said that in order to avoid exponential growth in cases and hospitalizations, the province would need to implement a lockdown harder than we've previously endured, but only for a few weeks, much like British Columbia's newly announced "circuit-breaker."

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Juni points to the increase in variants of concern within the province as a source of the exponential growth, saying that falling ill with a variant of concern will "double the risk of ICU admission" whether you're six or 25 years old.

Juni says more and more young people are being admitted to the ICU, a sentiment echoed by Toronto's medical officer, Dr. Eileen de Villa, on Monday.

"[With a circuit-breaker lockdown], people need to be really clear about what constitutes essential work, have paid sick leave to protect our need to stay home and stop travelling in between regions," Dr. Juni explained, saying that with these pillars in place, the province would be in a much better position in just a few weeks while residents wait for vaccinations.

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