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An Ontario ER Doctor Just Had The 'Most Difficult Shift' In Her Entire Career

"This was my worst fear and it’s going to get worse."

As cases continue to rise across the province, an Ontario doctor is speaking out on the challenges of working in an emergency room during the pandemic.

Dr. Lisa Salamon-Switzman of the Ontario Medical Association took to Twitter on Thursday to describe the hardest ER shift in her 14-year career.

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"[I] had 2 people die from COVID, one of them was 60 and another one was dying. 20 admitted patients. No beds. No resuscitation rooms. Everything was full," she wrote.

Hospitals, emergency rooms, and ICUS are beginning to hit critical points across the province, with some exceeding capacity already, reports CBC.

"This was my worst fear and it’s going to get worse," Salamon-Switzman admitted.

Today marked the deadliest day in Ontario over the course of the pandemic, with the province recording a total of 89 deaths.

Ontario recorded 3,519 new cases of COVID-19 today — a new daily record.