You Can Solve Murders At This Creepy Abandoned Forest Cabin In Muskoka

This "escape cabin" is the first of its kind in Canada. 👻
You Can Solve Murders At This Creepy Abandoned Forest Cabin In Muskoka

If you want to take your Halloween thrills to the next level, look no further. This Ontario escape room isn’t an ordinary ordeal. It takes place in abandoned cabins in the woods.

Zig Zag Escape Rooms is home to the first-ever escape cabins in Canada. Do you think you’re brave enough to escape the horrors?

If you think you can handle it, Zig Zag invites you to come solve puzzles, codes, clues, and problems in a seriously creepy setting.

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You can choose between two different scenarios to work through: "Sven’s Last Secret" or "The Artist Is Missing."

Sven’s Last Secret follows the urban legend of “the old, eccentric Norwegian prospector named Sven Peterson who lived deep in the woods outside town.”

Rumour has it, he died mysteriously after hitting the motherlode and no one has seen him since.

If gold miners aren’t your vibe, The Artist Is Missing will have you tracking down a missing painter who lives in a cabin in the woods on the shores of Lake Algonquin.

The cabins can be booked up until 7:00 p.m., so, if you’ve got the guts, you can experience the terrors of the cabins during nightfall.

The cabins are located in Muskoka, which is only a couple hours from Toronto, meaning you and your friends can make a scare-filled night of it! 

If you want to create the perfect day of Halloween activities, we suggest an afternoon spent at Ontario's Screampark, where you'll encounter horrifying haunted houses and a new outdoor walking experience.

Then, you can head straight to Zig Zig escape rooms and test your luck in the woods. 

To accommodate health and safety protocols, Zig Zag recommends a group of five people maximum for the experience.

Zig Zag Escape Rooms

Price: Starting at $79 for two people

Address: 1235 Deerhurst Dr, Muskoka, ON

Why You Need To Go: Test your skills while enduring the terror in the woods at Canada's first-ever "escape cabin."

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