Smoke from forest fires in northern Ontario is billowing down towards southern cities in the province now, and it's bringing major apocalypse vibes to Toronto.

Environment Canada issued special air quality statements all across Ontario on Tuesday morning, including in major cities like Toronto, Hamilton and Kingston, thanks to huge amounts of wildfires up north.

Ontario Forest Fires tweeted yesterday afternoon that there were 117 active fires across the province and that Ontario has apparently seen 724 fires this season alone.

There will be possible high levels of air pollution from the smoke of these ongoing forest fires, which will cause hazy conditions and reduced visibilities if the smoke comes closer to the ground.

Environment Canada cautions that wildfire smoke can contain several chemicals that can be harmful to your health, and Ontarians should take extra precautions if they are exposed to wildfire smoke.

Residents may experience some symptoms like increased coughing, headaches, throat irritation or shortness of breath, and those with cardiovascular or lung diseases are especially at risk.