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Best Friends From Ontario Won $15M After Playing The Lotto Together For Years

They are planning to take a vacation together.
Ontario Lotto Winners Were Best Friends Who Played Together For Years

A pair of best friends are cashing in after winning an Ontario lottery jackpot.

According to OLG, Chelsea Prince and Mercy Roldan of Burlington won $15,231,359 on April 13 after almost a decade of playing the lottery together.

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The duo, who met through work, were completely overwhelmed when they found out they were going to be rich besties.

"I just stared at it for about two minutes trying to come to terms with it. I showed Mercy my phone screen to show her that we won, and her mouth dropped open and she started to cry," Prince said.

"You always dream about winning the lottery and [it's] surreal when it actually happens," she added.

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