Toronto Woman Won $60M After Playing The Numbers That Came To Her Husband In A Dream

She's been playing the same numbers for 20 years.

A Toronto woman's decades-spanning persistence has proven that sometimes dreams really do come true.

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, a 57-year-old grandmother won $60 million last month after picking the same numbers for 20 years.

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My husband had a dream about some lottery numbers 20 years ago.  Deng Pravatoudom

Deng Pravatoudom told OLG that she began choosing the numbers after her husband had a dream about them and has been playing them ever since. 

As if that isn't wholesome enough, he was also the person to tell her she won.

"He told me we won the $60 million jackpot. He was serious, not joking, so I knew he was telling the truth," she added.

"I started to cry. I have always prayed for a blessing that my family would be taken care of."

The winning ticket, which was purchased at a Gateway Newstands in North York, was announced on December 1, 2020.

"My husband and I have worked long hours as general labourers for over 40 years, trying to save what we could for our family."

"Due to the pandemic I was laid off last spring, so this money will certainly help make our lives much easier.”

Patrick John Gilson
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