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Someone In This Ontario Region Is Sitting On A $50M Lotto Jackpot Right Now

Whoever you are, you better go claim your prize. 🤑

Someone out there is the lucky winner of a life-changing $50 million lottery jackpot in Ontario

The LOTTO MAX ticket was sold on March 16, along with two more big wins in other parts of the province on the same day. 

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According to OLG, the $50 million ticket was sold somewhere in the Perth County region, so if there's a chance it could be yours, you better take a look.

Another prize-winning ticket of $279,418.40 was sold in Hamilton last night, as well as an ENCORE ticket worth $100,000 in Pickering.

Ontario couple wins last month's $70 million jackpot

On February 26, an Ontario couple could hardly believe their luck when they realized they'd won the $70 million jackpot.

Dorothy-Ann Meilleur "started crying tears of joy" after checking the ticket a dozen times and claiming the prize with her husband in Noëlville.

The couple plans to donate to charity, buy a home and take their dream cross-country RV trip with their riches.

We can only imagine what this Perth County winner will do with their fortune!

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